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Città Vecchia di Torun

Torun main square is the heart of the city. In its center you will find a Gothic Town Hall, which houses the town museum. Inside you will see a rich collection of sculptures, paintings and stained glass. We strongly recommend climbing up the tower (extra paid) to admire a gorgeous panorama of Torun and the Vistula river. In front of the entrance there is a bronze Monument of  Nicolaus Copernicus. He is the one who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe or, in other words, “stopped the Sun and moved the Earth”. Walking around the Main Square, you will see the mansions of the Hansa merchants, such as Pod Gwiazdą or Dwor Artusa. Most of them are richly decorated and well preserved.

Just next to the Main Square there are Holy Spirit’s Church and Saint Mary’s Church. The second one comes from 14th century and was founded by Franciscans. You will be charmed by an original organ from the beginning of 16th century, medieval tombstones and colourful stained glass.

Afterwards, you can admire a magnificent Saint John’s Cathedral. Some of the oldest elements of this enormous building are dated back to the 13th century. Over the years this church was a religious centre for local community and was a witness of important Christian ceremonies – for example Nicolaus Copernicus was baptized here. Visiting the cathedral, you need to listen to the history of “Tuba Dei” – the biggest medieval bell in Poland from 1500.

Passing defensive walls and several towers like Sailor’s Gate or Bridge Gate you will reach the ruins of the Teutonic Knights’ castle – the headquarters of the Commander on the right bank of the Vistula.

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